I. Indian Economy and Development.

1. National Income -Concepts and Measurement of National Income- Nominal and Real Income;
Structure and growth of Indian economy – Sectoral trends in National Income of India

2. Poverty and Unemployment: Concepts of Poverty – Income-based Poverty , non-income Povertycapability
approach (Human Poverty Index) , Measurement of Poverty and trends in Poverty;
Concepts, estimates and trends of Unemployment
3. Money and Banking: Money supply, Structure of Indian Banking and non-banking financial
institutions; Reforms in Banking sector; Regulation of credit by RBI
4. Public Finance: Tax structure, Central and state taxes; Government expenditure in revenue and
capital account; Public debt: composition- internal and external debt; Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy;
Union Budget: Budget Analysis.
5. Planning in Indian economy: Objectives, Priorities, Strategies, Achievements of Five Year Plans;
12th FYP – Inclusive growth ; NITI Aayog; Liberalization, Privatisation, Globalisation: Features
and Implications.


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